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Anchors Ink Tattoo Studio and School

  925 NW Wall St unit g, Bend, OR 97703, USA

Anchors Ink Tattoo is a modernized studio that was established in 2009 by the owner Kristopher Brown, offering custom tattoo arts in Bend. The studio provides highly skilled and licensed artists that offer a variety of tattoo styles such as traditional, realism, sacred geometry, color, neo-tradition, black and grey. Besides, they offer microblading and permanent make up. The studio in itself is a school that offers a 16-week program that licenses students from all over the state to become certified tattoo artists. They accept both appointments and walk-ins. They also provide aftercare services in their clean, comfortable studio.

Gold Standard Tattoo

  1824 NE Division St suite C, Bend, OR 97701, USA

Gold Standard Tattoo is a modern studio owned by Dirk Spece and works with KC Carew specializing in custom tattoo designs. The tattooists are keen to detail offering a wide range of tattoo designs such as black and grey, American tradition, color, irezumi, lettering and script. They also provide aftercare services and always welcome walk-ins in clean, friendly atmosphere. The artists maintain a high standard of professionalism and top quality artwork to all their clients proving a pleasant tattooing experience.

Iron Elephant Tattoo

  550 SW Industrial Way Unit 125, Bend, OR 97702, USA

Iron Elephant Tattoo is owned by Chris Callister (Calli) and works with Andrew Parker offering unique artistic tattoo designs. They offer a wide range of tattoo styles including lettering, American tradition, color, black and grey, photo realism, and others. The artists provide aftercare services and welcome walk-ins when available in their clean and comfortable studio. They are dedicated to providing high quality artistic work to their client by treating them equally and maintaining high standard of sterilization and ensuring the safety of their clients.

Mums Tattoo

  19 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97703, USA

Mum's Tattoo was established in 1998 by Angela but later in 2003, the shop was closed temporarily while Angela moved to California. She got an opportunity to work in a tattoo lounge that was voted 5th best tattoo shop in Los Angeles. She has worked with reputable artists such as Steve Chrome at Laguna Tattoo the oldest tattoo shop in Orange County. In 2008 she reopened Mum's Tattoo offering a wide range of tattoo styles such as Japanese, realism, black and grey, biomechanical, color and paintings among others. They aim at providing a clean and comfortable atmosphere and maintain a high standard of professionalism, uniqueness and willingness to work with clients personal ideas at competitive rates.

Starfire Body Piercing

  1404 NE 3rd St #5, Bend, OR 97701, USA

Starfire Body Piercing was established in 2005 and specializes in all types of body modifications and micro dermal services. The studio uses top quality and exotic jewelry also maintain a high standard of sterilization by using disposable equipment and modernized equipment making the piercing experience less traumatic. The piercers take time to discuss and educate the clients on what to expect during the piercing session also do a follow-up aftercare and offer custom sizing. The studio insists on quality services and providing personalized services therefore building a strong customer relationship leading to more business in future.

White Light Tattoo Studios

  164 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97703, USA

White Light Tattoo Studios provides an outstanding custom tattoo art to Bend community and the surrounding areas. Gabe and Sean are dedicated to offering unique tattoo designs to their clients by acknowledging that every client has a unique personality therefore create a different design for every client. They are well versed with a variety of tattoo designs such as black and grey, American tradition, color, script, lettering and photo realism. The artists maintain high sterilization levels by use of disposable equipment and use modern and less traumatic equipment available ensuring the health and safety of every client. They provide a sterile, comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

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