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We have manually picked the best Physical Therapists in the Oakland, California area by checking their online client reviews for the best star ratings, and by reading customer testimonials to verify reliability and customer satisfaction. We selected these local businesses based on their expertise and excellence to help you find the right business to meet your needs

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Synapse Massage and Bodywork

  2940 Summit St Suite 2B, Oakland, CA 94609, USA

Since 2002, The Synapse has been providing incomparable therapeutic massage services. The eight therapists have been offering skilful bodywork in unique treatment rooms. Some of them include: Carolyn Letherland, Anna Seva, Liz Williams and Kellyn Foxman. Their goal is to present relaxation, reduce pain and maintain body attentiveness and self care for each client. Services offered are prenatal massage, massage packages, physical therapy, custom therapeutic massage, wellness incentive program, diagnostic bodywork and craniosacral massage. During physical therapy, they incorporate yoga, massage and teaching in every session to provide the results.

Peggy Shultz Physical Therapy

  4442 Piedmont Ave. Suite C Oakland, CA 94611

Peggy Shultz has the best physical therapists in Oakland. The welcoming staffs provide the type of flexibility each client needs in a skillful and high effective manner. Services offered are manual therapy, neurological, cranio-facial, orthopaedics, physical therapy and personalized care. They treat each client in a personalised way to ensure they understand the needs of each of them so as to achieve the best results. Their prices are affordable and friendly to everyone.

Back to Life

  4899 Shafter Avenue Oakland, CA 94609

Back to Life is a physical therapy practice and ergonomic consulting firm whose therapists have a combined experience of more than 30 years. Jessica Manley and Amy Selinger specialize on orthopaedic conditions and musculoskeletal dysfunctions that affect the hip, sacroiliac regions, pelvic pain and spine. Their treatments incorporate visceral manipulation, diaphragmatic breathing, exercise, biofeedback, relaxation, massage, myofascial release and active release technique. They look at the entire body parts and movements so they can detect the exact part with a problem.

Sports and Orthopedic Leaders Physical Therapy

  4341 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611, USA

Sports Orthopaedic Leaders physical therapy and training comprises of the best highly skilled professionals. They help their clients with athletics goals and rehabilitation sessions. Services provided include pain reduction, restorative services, massage therapy, active release technique, anti- gravity treadmill, one-on-one training, and a variety of prevention education programs. Some of the team members include Dr. Tammara Moore, Max Neggo, Adam Branson, Gillian Estronick and Bryan Wu. Their prices are affordable and insurance is also accepted. Clients are always grateful for their work and always praise their friendly services.

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Montclair Physical Therapy

  473 34th Street, Oakland, CA 94609

Montclair Physical Therapy helps clients with different problems like back pain, elbow and wrist problems, knee pain, neck pain, neurological diseases and conditions, vertigo, shoulder, foot, ankle pain and also provide top- notch post- surgical rehabilitation. Some of the specialists are Simon Gibson, Abraldo Perez, Kelsey Coles, Dhwani Shah and Vidhi Vadera. This company uses advanced technology and tools to treat different disorders. Numerous clients have praised this facility for its friendly and skilful therapists.

Sports and Orthopedic Specialists

  6300 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609, USA

This professional physical therapy clinic has been offering services since 1988. It has the best specialists in Oakland who are well trained and serve their clients with a lot of knowledge and care. They provide services such as gait training, manual therapy to reduce pain and mechanical joint dysfunction, kinesiotape to decrease oedema, neuromuscular re-education to improve balance, wellness advice to prevent further injury and self-management techniques for proper posture.

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