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Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo & Piercing

  5200B George Washington Highway, Portsmouth, VA 23702

Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo & Piercing has been in existence since early 2000 serving Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas with custom tattooing and body modification services. The studio has three serving locations for easy convenience and reliability of the clients. The tattoo studio has award-winning artists that are well versed with a variety of tattoo designs and all kinds of body piercing services. Some of the tattoo styles offered include color, black and grey, American tradition, lettering, biomechanical, and Asian among others. The artists strive to provide a professional, clean and friendly environment to the clients.

Dr. Whos Tattoo

  3212 Victory Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23702, USA

Dr. Whos Tattoo is owned by an award-winning artist with over 33 awards and one named after him in 1986 at the Knoxville World’s Fair International Tattoo Convention. He is a life member of National Tattoo Association and one of the founding fathers of Tattoo Association of the Confederacy among other tattoos association. Besides, he is also a professional writer for trade magazines lecturer and a historian of tattooing. Some of the services provided at the studio include lettering, color, reworks, and cover-ups, logos, black and grey among others.

Folk City Tattoo

  3235 Bridge Rd, Suffolk, VA 23435, USA

Folk City Tattoo studio was established in 2010 serving Suffolk and the surrounding areas with custom tattoos. The tattoo shop features professional and experienced artists that are proficient with a wide range of tattoo styles such as American traditional, color, black and grey, realism and bios. The studio maintains a healthy and safe environment and offers aftercare advice to their clients. The tattooists in the shop ensure to give the best quality and satisfying tattoo services. The artists are also active in artistic community events such as Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival among others.

Ocean Mysterious

  2100 Monticello Ave 23517 Norfolk, Virginia

Ocean Mysterious is a leading art studio serving Norfolk and the surrounding areas by offering custom tattoos and body piercing services. The studio features highly talented and skilled artists that are keen to detail according to the client’s requests. The tattooists are talented with a variety of tattooing styles such as black and grey, color, American tradition, realism, and lettering among others. The piercers are well proficient with all kinds of body, facial and oral piercing services. The artists provide aftercare services in a clean, sterilized and comfortable atmosphere.

Otzi Tattoo Agency

  1130 Boissevain Ave Norfolk, VA 23507

Otzi Tattoo Agency was established in 2013 and has been awarded as the Best Tattoo shop for three years in a row. The studio's main goal is providing quality tattoo services to Norfolk and the surrounding areas. The artists are well versed in a wide range of tattooing styles such as black and grey, color, realism, American tradition and others. The artists offer personalized services to all their clients and provide aftercare services. They also ensure the safety of the client by keeping a sterilized environment.

Tattoo Skills

  811 N Main St, Suffolk, VA 23434, USA

Tattoo Skills was founded in 2009 by Jason Skills. The studio was the first licensed Professional Tattoo studio in Suffolk and later expanded to two more locations. The artists offer personalized services by interacting with customers and providing them with quality artistic work. The tattooists are well versed with variety of tattoo styles such as black and grey, realism, color, and others allowing walk-ins when possible. Besides Bryant Kelly, the piercer does all kind of body modification and micro dermal using high-quality jewelry maintaining a high standard of sterilization. The shop also sells Tooth gems.

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