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We have manually picked the best Chiropractors in the Sandy, Utah area by checking their online client reviews for the best star ratings, and by reading customer testimonials to verify reliability and customer satisfaction. We selected these local businesses based on their expertise and excellence to help you find the right business to meet your needs

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These companies show a proven record of customer satisfaction.

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Natural Health and Wellness

  7840 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070

Natural Health and Wellness is located in Sandy, Utah. The office is opened from Monday to Friday. The chiropractors are Dr. Brandon Allred, DC and Dr. Carmel Ferreira, NMD, Lac. Dr. Carmel is a certified acupuncturist and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of California and has been practising since 1996. Dr. Brandon graduated from Western States University in Portland Oregon. The duo treats shoulder pain, arm & leg pain, carpal tunnel, disc injury, headache & migraines, sciatica, scoliosis, back and neck pain.

Shaw Chiropractic

  870 9400 S #108, Sandy, UT 84094

Shaw Chiropractic is a spinal health and wellness clinic for the whole family located in Sandy, Utah. Dr. Shaw graduated from Parker University College of Chiropractic with Bachelor of Science Degrees in Anatomy and in Health and Wellness. He also completed his Doctorate Degree at Parker University. He offers treatments for a number of conditions and pains as well as family wellness care, pediatric and pregnancy care, carpal tunnel, and auto accident injury.

South Valley Chiropractic

  834 9400 S #57, Sandy, UT 84094

South Valley Chiropractic is located in Sandy, Utah. Dr. Ronald L. Rosquist, the chiropractor and owner of South Valley Chiropractic graduated from Texas Chiropractic College with a Chiropractic degree. He is assisted by Eally Smith, a Chiropractic assistant. Services offered include sports injury, osteoporosis, arthritis, whiplash, acupuncture, disc injuries, head & migraines and neck pain.

Utah Spinal Care

  880 9400 S #104, Sandy, UT 84094

Utah Spinal Care, located in Sandy, Utah, has been helping the community for more than five years. Dr. Christopher Duncan is the lead Chiropractor in the clinic. He graduated from University of Western States in 2007. He is an approved Massage Therapist as well as Chiropractic Sports Physician. He works together with Janelle Maxwell and Tina Taylor, a Licensed Massage Therapist. The clinic was voted by Opencare as one of the Best Chiropractors in Sandy, Utah in 2015. Services offered include pregnancy support, work injury support, low back pain, family wellness care, spinal decompression, and auto accident recovery.

Vance Chiropractic

  8811 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070

Vance Chiropractic is located in Sandy, Utah. The office has been serving the Utah County and Salt Lake County from Monday to Friday since 2000. Dr. Adam Vance, the owner and the chiropractor graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He has also pursued a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. He practices the diversified method of treatment which includes exercise, nutrition, and diet. Services offered include lower back pain, growing pains, migraines & headache, neck pain and whiplash.

Willow Creek Chiropractic

  8170 E Highland Dr, Sandy, UT 84093

Dr. Brian Thomas, the Chiropractor at Willow Creek Chiropractic graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1986. He is a certified Chiropractic Physician in Utah ever since 1986. He is a member of Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association and Chiropractic Committee for the Missionary Department Health Services. Services offered include body wraps, pre-natal, deep tissue massage, and hot stone. The doctor examines the client’s body completely to check all the problems in order to treat fully.

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