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  58 Chatham St, Rear Providence, Rhode Island, RI 02904

Our Journ3I is an exceptional doula wellness organization that offers mothers in Providence area compassionate, high quality birth and postpartum services. Quatia Osorio, the founder, is a Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) who has specialized in doula services since 2011. Her organization focuses on empowering and educating pregnant mothers. The organization seeks to create equity among communities of color although it is open to everyone in need of its services. It provides attentive guidance and support during labor and childbirth. The organization also provides postpartum services to enable new moms transition to parenthood successfully.

PVD Doula

  Academy Ave. Providence, Rhode Island, RI 02908

PVD Doula provides compassionate support and care to pregnant moms and their partners in Providence area. Courtney Hoyle, the founder is a professional birth doula who focuses on tailoring labor, childbirth and pregnancy support to meet the expected concerns and needs of an expectant mother. Courtney holds several certifications and memberships in doula services among them Rebozo Certification. She provides outstanding non-medical emotional and physical support for pregnant mothers to experience positive, safe pregnancy and birth. PVD Doula provides reliable information on a variety of parenthood issues, reassurance, and care to laboring moms. The postpartum doula services help the expectant mother and the partner transition safely into parenthood.

Gentle Beginnings | Womens Health and Birth Care

  389 Harding Hwy # 6, Elmer, NJ 08318

Gentle Beginnings focuses on offering attentive, gentle support to mothers and expecting families during postpartum period, childbirth, pregnancy, and labor in Providence area. The organization is certified as a birth and postpartum doula. Having attended to more than 200 births, the organization has significant experience in providing compassionate and nurturing guidance to the expecting moms. The attendant serves women starting with prenatal visits during which she attends to birth experience concerns, expectations, fears, and beliefs. Lauren Amand, the founder has the Doula’s Of North America (DONA) certification and is also an experienced childbirth educator.

Susie Finnerty Birth Doula

  Providence, RI

Susie Finnerty provides the residents of Providence with high quality care and compassion during pregnancy, labor and childbirth. The professional birth doula focuses on assisting laboring moms experience the best birth possible through comfort measures, calming reassurance, and relaxation techniques. Susie Finnerty has confidence that is reassuring, effective, and invaluable in any birth setting. Susie offers a variety of benefits such as unlimited email and phone support, access to group prenatal visits, postpartum home visits, on-call availability on labor, and immediate postpartum. She also prepares the new parents for new born care, and postpartum life. Susie is also a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

Interwoven Care

  410 North Broadway Streeet East Providence, Rhode Island, RI 02914

Interwoven Care focuses on offering dynamic support to the expecting mom and the family during pregnancy, labor, and birth in Providence. Jessica Rosene, the founder is a highly qualified, compassionate and dedicated doula who is experienced in massage therapy, alignment-based yoga, and health science. She also provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to expecting moms and their partners to enable them go through the waves of labor with understanding, support, and confidence. She assists families to prepare with important tools such as Rebozo methods, acupressure points, proper body mechanics, and techniques for massage, relaxation, movement, and breathing. Interwoven Care also provides postpartum services to assist in the transition period.

Heidi Brousseau

  26 Annawamscutt Rd Barrington, Rhode Island, RI 02806

Heidi Brousseau is committed to offering the highest level of care and comfort as expectant mothers transition into parenthood in Providence area. The birth attendant expert focuses on offering a path to informed and empowered birth to pregnant women. She conducts childbirth education classes covering a variety of topics to help ease the worry that accompanies the birth experience. Heidi Brousseau prepares pregnant moms by teaching them relaxation techniques, nutrition, how to maintain low-risk during pregnancy, and exercise. Heidi is a professionally certified doula.

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