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Bone Deep Tattoos and Body Piercings

  3132 NW Cache Rd, Lawton, OK 73505, USA

The high-rated tattoos and piercings shop was started in November of 2011. The shop offers a wide range of styles such as turbo tattoos, neotraditional, cartoons and animations, sleeve tattoos, coverups, custom tattoos, and much, much more. The various artists are skilled in diverse styles and they guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction from their services. All the services are done by health certified and licensed artists.

Elite Skin Art

  1350 NW Homestead Dr, Lawton, OK 73505, USA

Lord Mike Evans is the founder and owner of Elite Skin Art situated on Homestead Drive in Lawton Oklahoma. The studio specializes in tattoos and body piercings done in clean, sterile and private rooms. Elite Skin Art and Body Piercings is one of the oldest legal studios in Oklahoma. It has three tattoo artists and one body piercing expert, and all are reliable and super professional in their work. Lord Mike has tattooed customers from all over the world and has participated in several competitions. The styles done include custom, animation, cover ups, and many other styles.

Impact Ink

  1008 SW 11th St, Lawton, OK 73501, USA

Impact Ink on 11th Street Lawton is owned by Mark Hosea Jr who has been a professional tattoo artist for over 22 years. He has two ladies under permanent employment and often brings in guest artists from all over the state. The studio specializes in custom tattoos and Hosea Jr is one of a few skilled freehand tattoo artists. The styles offered include watercolor, black and grey, turbo designs, portraits, and neotraditional and traditional.


  1904 NW Cache Rd Suite B, Lawton, OK 73507, USA

Started in 2015 by A.J Woods, Pair-a-Dice Ink has been offering piercing, tattoos, and coverup services to the residents of Lawton Oklahoma. Woods is a licensed professional artist who has been practicing the art for the past 12 years. He loves doing coverups and reworks specifically and does piercings too. He does not confine himself to any specific tattooing styles and does just about any style. Some styles include customized tattoos, lettered, traditional, colored, black and gray, watercolor tattoo, illusions, and portrait tattoos.

Rockabilly Ink Tattoo Studio

  3010 N MacArthur 73127 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rockabilly Ink Tattoo Studio was founded by Tracey Jo Ligon who has been practicing for the past 24 years. She works with an amazingly talented artist by the name of Big Joe Privett. The duo work hand in hand with clients to make sure every detail and specification is captured. Big Joe is the creative mastermind of the shop. They are well versed in nearly all styles of inking including old school and new school.

Shine on Tattoos

  6516 NW Cache Rd, Lawton, OK 73505, USA

Shine on Tattoos is a much-favored studio by tattoos and piercings fanatics due to its high levels of cleanliness and the skills possessed by the artists. It is found on Cache Road Suite B in Lawton. Some of the piercings done include ear and nose piercing, helix, navel, and eyebrow piercings. The shop is usually open for business seven days a week from 12PM to 9PM. Customers should not be worried about the range of styles the artists can do because the various artists are talented in different unique styles.

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