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Busy Bee Nursery School

  39 Severance St, Lynn, MA 01904, USA

Busy Bee Nursery School is a center for academic, social and artistic development in children. They have passionate, professional staffs who offer unique and personalized programs that target children’s growth on individual abilities and building social cooperation. They give extra curriculum activities in sports, yoga, fitness classes and hip-hop. At Busy Bee, they offer flexible tuition programs on full and part-time basis to build smooth transition and consistency.

Cairn Hill Nature Pre- School

  183 Fays Ave, Lynn, MA 01904, USA

Cairn Hill Nature Pre-School was established in 2012 in Massachusetts as a non-profit institution. They offer lessons in mathematics, science, technology/engineering, history, arts and social science and other activities like gardening. They admit children 2.9 to 5 years old irrespective of origin and background. They have online enrolment system and tuition programs all aimed at sustainable child development.

Little Theatre School

  503 Lynnfield St, Lynn, MA 01904, USA

Little Theatre School was founded in 1944 in Lynn and areas around North Shore. It’s a pre-school learning facility that give children the basic fundamental in social-academic fun with classes starting ages 2 yrs 9 months for nursery, pre-K and kindergarten. They have passionate, qualified teachers who offer lessons in creative arts and humanities fostering talent growth increased creativity and performance confidence. They have an open online registration portfolio and a donation platform. The school has one of the best teacher to student ratio in a home-based environment enhancing best performance per student output.

North Shore Christian School

  26 Urban St, Lynn, MA 01904, USA

North Shore Christian School was established in 1951. They have two schools in Lynn and Beverly all attended to by a team of professional staff skilled in wholesome child development in spiritual, academic, physical and artistic growth mainly in order to mould character and the mind. They offer pre-school, pre-K, elementary, middle school, physical education, curriculum enhancements, enrichment home to home connections. They have online enrolment programs and give financial aid to needy cases.

Rising Stars Childcare

  99 Eutaw Ave, Lynn, MA 01902, USA

Rising Stars Childcare is a pre-school child learning facility licensed under Massachusetts Department of Education. They unlock each child’s abilities through learning and fun activities building social academic and personal well being from ages 1 to 4 years old. They operate from Monday to Friday 6.30 am to 6 pm, but are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Extra curriculum activities include painting, sensory play, dancing and dramatic play they ensure a smooth transition to primary school.

The Hathaway School

  25 Bessom St, Lynn, MA 01902, USA

The Hathaway school was established in 2003 catering for kids 2.9 - 5-year pre-school academia. The institution is certified and accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children, NAEYC and The Department of Early Education and Care, ECC. They are compliant with the national based curriculum framework but exceed normal standards. They ensure best performance for pre-school and kindergarten and a basic foundation in life. Additionally, they offer after school summer vacation programs, tuition and transportation packages.

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