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LoDolce Family Law

  1350 Belmont St, Brockton, MA 02301

LoDolce Family Law is located in Brockton, Massachusetts. The firm was founded by Attorney Ann LoDolce. For more than 30 years, the firm has been serving its divorce clients and ranks among the top 3% in Peer Review Ratings. Attorney LoDolce is the author of the book “Divorce with Dignity”. Lo Dolce Family Law plays the mediation role in issues which include alimony support, asset valuation, child custody, child relocation, child support, divorce modifications and parenting plans. Attorney LoDolce has thrice been named among New England’s Best Family law Mediators and also Best Family Law Attorneys for 2013, 2014 and 2015 by The Boston Globe.

Ronald J. Mone, P.C., Attorney at Law

  49 Belmont St #2, South Easton, MA 02375

Brockton-based Attorney Ronald J. Mone founded his firm in 2003. He specializes in divorce and family law. As the solo practitioner in the firm, Ronald J. Mone P.C. has emphasized on domestic relations, probate law, and personal injury. Also, the law firm gives assistance with divorce, paternity, child support, child custody, child visitation, child support modifications, guardianships, and grandparent visitation.

Driscoll Law

  209 Bedford St Suite 201, Fall River, MA 02720

Attorney Wilfred C. Driscoll Jr. firm founded his firm in 2002, having practiced law since the early 1980s. The law firm assists in handling divorce matters, property division, child custody, and divorce mediation. Driscoll also handles cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, personal bankruptcy, and real estate law. Overall rating for the firm in is 5 stars. Attorney Driscoll is a member of Massachusetts Academy of Trail Attorneys, Bristol County Bar Association, and Massachusetts Bar Association.

The Law Offices of Susannah L. Brown

  100 Schoosett St, Pembroke, MA 02359

The Law Offices of Susannah L. Brown is located in Brockton, Massachusetts. The firm was founded by Susannah L. Brown who has been practicing law since 1993. The firm’s practice areas include separation, divorce, child support, custody, business law, visitation, parenting plans, alimony, immigration, guardianships, property division, modification, contempt, automobile accidents, and wills. The specialization in family law helps the firm to execute divorce cases diligently and professionally.

Law Office of Susan Castleton Ryan, P.C.

  676 Bedford St, Abington, MA 02351

Law Office of Susan Castleton Ryan, P.C. is located in Brockton, Massachusetts. The law firm was founded by Susan Castleton Ryan, P.C. She specializes in divorce, child custody and parenting plans, child support, property division, spousal support, enforcement of orders, modifications to existing orders, relocation with a child, adoption, and guardianship. Law Office of Susan Castleton Ryan, P.C. is one of the regions favorite having been voted as number one in Readers Choice Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Law Office of Bettina M. Holton

  130 Liberty St #14, Brockton, MA 02301

Law Office of Bettina M. Holton is located in Brockton, Massachusetts. The law firm was Attorney Bettina M. Holton and has been practicing since the mid-1990s. Under family law it handles cases about divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity, alimony, child support, litigation, and mediation. Attorney Holton also handles legal issues in real estate, criminal law, estate planning, and personal injury.

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