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Black Diamond Tattoo Parlor

  534 W Chicago Ave, East Chicago, IN 46312, USA

Black Diamond Tattoo Parlor is a full service tattoo studio established in 2015 by experiences Hammond tattooist Gabino Soriano. Soriano offers custom tattoos and body piercing services. He has been in the body art industry since early 1990 specializing in contemporary tattooing. His main goal is to always maintain and improve the high standards of creativity and customer service. Soriano works with a few tattooists and Brenda Villarruel, a piercer. Each specializes in different unique styles such as traditional, new school, neo –traditional, color, old school and others. The artists welcome both appointments and walk-ins on availability.

Bugaboo Tattoo

  7014 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN 46323, USA

Bugaboo Tattoo is an award winning studio that was established in 1997 serving Hammond and the surrounding areas. They offer custom tattoos and all kinds of body modification services. The studio features a dedicated team of artist’s that expertise on variety of tattoo styles such as lettering, color, traditional and bios. In addition, they offer laser removal and tattoo removal. The studio provides private tattoo rooms and a separate piercing studio to ensure privacy of the clients is met. The artists provide services to people of 18 years and older. They ensure the safety of their clients by offering effective tattoo and piercing aftercare tips. Bugaboo Tattoo was voted as the Best Tattoo Artist in the “16th Annual Best of the Region” by The Time and Shore Magazine.

China Doll Tattoo & Piercing

  7346 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN 46324, USA

China Doll Tattoo & Piercing is family owned tattoo shop serving Hammond since 1997 with high quality tattoo and body piercing services. The shop features James and munkkali who are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable artists. They offer a range of tattooing styles such as color, bios, realism and lettering among others. The artists ensure to provide quality arts that are precise and keen to detail to make sure they meet client’s expectations. The shop also provides outstanding piercing services with a large selection of jewelry to choose from. They strive to maintain a safe, clean and relaxed atmosphere.

Ink- N- UM Tattoo & Piercing

  621 Burnham Ave, Calumet City, IL 60409, USA

Ink- N- UM Tattoo & Piercing is a premiere tattoo studio in Hammond that was established in 1997 by Bob. The studio offers quality tattoos and body piercing in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Due to the success of the first shop they expanded to Calumet City in Illinois. Bob has been practicing in the art industry for more than 25 years and has always evolved with changes in the art industry. Bob and the other artists specialize in custom designs whereby each specializes in a unique style. They provide a clean and healthy environment in addition to offering effective aftercare services.

The Tattoo Lady

  6817 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN 46323, USA

The Tattoo Lady was established in 1997 by Kelly Voris in Hammond Indiana. The studio offers high quality custom tattoos and body piercing services to people aged 18 years and over. Kelly hires artists that are professional, experienced and talented in a wide variety of tattooing styles. They specialize in styles such as black and grey, color, realism, traditional, script and others. The studio is clean, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Clients can enjoy quality body art services at reasonable prices.

Wicked Owl Studio

  604 Torrence Ave, Calumet City, IL 60409, USA

Wicked Owl Studio is a premiere art studio serving Calumet City and the surrounding areas with custom tattoos and all kinds of body modification services. The studio features talented, passionate and experienced artists. They are proficient in a wide range of tattoo styles such as color, black & grey, bio mechanical, traditional and lettering among others. The artists ensure to deliver quality services and meet customer satisfaction and maintain a professional, safe and clean environment.

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