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Anchors Up Tattoo

  720 E Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32937, USA

Anchors Up Tattoo is a premier tattoo studio in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. The studio houses some of the most talented tattoo and piercing artists with many years of experience in the field. Brendan, Jim Gibbons, and Gerry are the tattoo artists in the shop which maintains high levels of cleanliness and sanitation. Every piece is priced differently depending on the size and time it takes to get it done. Some of the styles done at the shop include custom tattoos, portraits, water color, full color work, and traditional styles among others.

Against the Grain Tattoo

  1380 Cypress Ave, Melbourne, FL 32935, USA

In 2002, one of the best tattoo studios was started in Melbourne, FL. Against the Grain Tattoo was started by two experienced tattoo experts Wes D and Lisa Murphy on Cypress Avenue, Melbourne, FL. Their other artists are Tori Kaz, Tom Beheler, Brandon Gray, and Alex Wilson. All the artists have more than 60 years of combined experience in various tattooing styles. Some of those styles include custom tattoos, cove-ups, color work, black and gray work, and traditional styles among others.

Blue Moon Tattoo Co.

  567 Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32935, USA

Blue Moon Tattoo Co. is one studio with highly skilled and experienced tattoo experts in Melbourne, FL. Tim is the owner of the Eau Gallie Blvd-based tattoo studio and has been practicing the art for more than 8 years. The exceptional customer service provided at the joint has customers coming back for more ink. The other tattoo artists clients can expect quality work from are Cayce and Dan. They do customized pieces, black and gray, full and water color, and scripted tattoos among others.

Low Tide Tattoo & Art Gallery

  446 North Harbor City Blvd (12,760.83 km) 32935 Melbourne, Florida

Low Tide Tattoo & Art Gallery is one of the best tattoo parlors in Melbourne, FL. Started back in 2010 on 446 N Harbor City Blvd, the artists continue to provide cutting-edge services that guarantee customer satisfaction. The tattoo gurus of Melbourne have a combined 46 years of experience. The styles they do include traditional and neo-traditional, cover-ups, fine line, new school and old school, black and grey, full-color, customized pieces and so much more.

New Addiction Tattoo

  3288 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

Since its founding in 2001, New Addiction tattoo has been among the best piercing and tattoos studios in Melbourne, FL. Michael Guttiere Jr, a skilled body piercer, purchased the business in 2005. His associates are Marc Gray, Justin deBrigard, Adam Kozak and Aaron Smith who are highly talented tattoo artists and Randall Comeaux, a body piercer. Some piercing styles done: tragus, tongue, labrel, septum, daith, lip, septum, dermal, surface, and genital piercings among others. Tattoo styles include custom pieces, black and grey, full color, Chinese and Japanese ink, and scripted tattoos among many other styles.

Old Ghost Tattoo

  403 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA

Old Ghost Tattoo is a top-rated tattoo studio in Melbourne, Fl. It was started in 1995 and its current location is 403 East New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL. Paul Wren, Gavin Williams, and Derek Edmonds are the resident tattoo artists and they are highly skilled and creative. Some of the styles they do include custom tattoos, cover-ups, sleeve tattoos, black and grey work, colored work, traditional tattoos, scripted ink, and water color among others.

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