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Bad Fish Tattoo

  197 Liberty Square, Norwalk, CT 06855, USA

Bad Fish Tattoo is dedicated to offering quality custom tattoo services on a clean and inviting environment to all their clients. The studio has artists who are equipped with a variety of tattoo styles like black and grey, realistic, American tradition, color, fine line, and tribal among others. The artists are precise and keen to detail with their artwork and adhere to the safety regulation by using disposable equipment. Furthermore, they provide private working stations whenever necessary and offer aftercare services.

Big Dreams Tattoo Studio

  77 S Bedford Rd, Stamford, CT 06901, United States

Big Dreams is a full custom tattoo and body piercing shop serving Stamford and the surrounding areas. The tattooists in the shop offer a wide variety of tattoo styles like color, script, black and grey, tribal, fine line among others. They welcome ideas from their customers and perfect them for better and great results. They provide personalized care to every client by assuring of a safe and enjoyable, fun experience that leads to retaining of clients and enhancing business growth.

Get Ink Tattoo

  76 Cedar St, Norwalk, CT 06854, USA

Get Ink Tattoo was founded in 2009 by Alex Marquez specializing in realistic tattooing. Alex works with three other artists that are highly skilled and strive to deliver quality and ensure the customers’ needs are met. They offer a broad range of tattoo designs like black and grey, realism, portraits, tribal, neo tradition, color, and others. They maintain a friendly, clean and comfortable environment and prefer to take appointments only.

Ink Side Out Tattoo

  47 Wall Street, Norwalk, CT 06850, USA

Ink Side Out Tattoo was established in 2004 with a dedication to providing high-quality artwork. The studio features award-winning artist’s that work with high professionalism and experience by providing personalized care to every client by being precise and keen to detail with their arts for best results. They are versatile with a range of tattoo styles like color, portraits, black and grey, script, tribal, realism, traditional and fine line among others. The artists also provide piercing and tattoo care services.

Organic Ink

  176 Main St, Norwalk, CT 06851, USA

Organic Ink is dedicated to providing their clients with original artwork and of high quality through the talent and creativity of their artists. They are proficient with a variety of tattoo styles like realism, bio organic/mechanic, color new school, geometric abstraction, cover-ups and others. The artists welcome ideas from the clients where they explore and discuss them together for exceptional and best artwork. Besides, the studio also sells jewelry with a large selection to choose from.

Three Roses Studio

  1177 Post Road Lower Level C, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States

Three Roses Studio was established in 2016 by Frankie Frieri specializing in American and Japanese tattooing styles. He is a reputable artist whose work has been featured in several tattoo magazines and books. Frankie strives to deliver quality and unique artwork to Fairfield and the surrounding community by including more tattoo styles like color, fine line, black and grey, script and realism among others. Besides tattooing, he also crafts arts such as oil, acrylic, pastels water color and others featuring them on sneakers, skateboard and canvases.

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