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Bella Vista C.A.R.E

  1635 Chester Dr, Tracy, CA 95376, USA

Bella Vista Care is one of the top pre-schools in Tracy, California. They focus on the children developing them spiritually, socially, academically and in leadership skills to children between 3 years through to the 8th grade. Their team of professional teachers and friendly staff is led by Jonathan Heinemann, their Executive Director of Education in the school. The school is a part of St. Paul’s Lutheran church. It has been accredited and recognized by NLSA, Advanced and Western Association of Schools and Colleges among others.

Great Kids Child Care

  166 Norman Ct, Tracy, CA 95376, USA

Great Kids Childcare and Preschool is one of the top preschools in Tracy, California. They focus their attention to teach mathematics and numbers, phonics, spellings, small group works, reading and critical thinking for children from infants to 11 years of age. The licensed school is certified by CPR First Aid, cleared by the criminal department and tested for TB. Great Kids Childcare offers, meals, nap, organized play, potty training and transportation to children to and from most of schools in Tracy.

Kids Place

  1820 W Grant Line Rd, Tracy, CA 95376, USA

Kids Place is one of the best preschools in Tracy, California. The school offers the best for pre-kindergarten, toddlers and school age children among others. The school was founded by Carina Barajas, the director of the school. Carina is a licensed childcare provider to children for more than 10 years. The staff is constantly taken through programs that involve Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale among others. Kids Place has been recognized by organizations such as San Joaquin Family Resource and Referral Center among others.

Montessori School of Tracy

  100 S Tracy Blvd, Tracy, CA 95376, USA

Montessori School of Tracy is one of the best preschool and elementary in Tracy, California. The school houses children from the age of 2, preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. Among their annual activities are summer school and touring which is guided by the licensed Montessori teachers. Their commitment is based on Dr. Montessori’s idea on adult role, child nature and prepared environment. Montessori school has 7 other preschool and elementary school centers in California located in San Leandro, Tracy, Brentwood, Modesto and Mountain House.

Tender Loving Care Preschool and Childcare

  1219 Whispering Wind Dr, Tracy, CA 95377, USA

Tender Loving Care is one of the best preschools in Tracy, California. The school has four other centers in Parker Avenue, Monticello, Hawkins, and Traina each with their own directors. They offer learning facilities for kindergarten and other children aged between 6 weeks to 12 years. The licensed facility is checked frequently to see to it that it has quality health and safety cautions. Intakes for children continue all year round. TLC has been voted Best of the Best Childcare facility for more than 10 years in Tracy.

Tracy Learning Center

  51 E Beverly Pl, Tracy, CA 95376, USA

Since early 2001, Tracy Learning Center has been one of the best preschools in Tracy, California. The school comprises of three charter namely preschool, primary, discovery and a millennium which houses more than 1300 students. It has four departments which are the admission, athletics, human resource and the counseling section. The school is headed by a board of directors who are led by Mike Souza, the president and partner at Souza Realty and Development and Kim Kerr, the vise president.

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