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We have manually picked the best Tattoo Artists in the Newport Beach, California area by checking their online client reviews for the best star ratings, and by reading customer testimonials to verify reliability and customer satisfaction. We selected these local businesses based on their expertise and excellence to help you find the right business to meet your needs

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Agape Art Collective

  365 Old Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

Agape Art Collective is an artistic studio in Newport Beach committed to providing quality custom tattooing services. The studio features two tattooists Jake Mello and Sal Sanchez. Both are highly skilled, experienced and talented in providing a wide range of tattoo styles such as bio mechanical, color, script, traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, new school, old school and others. They strive to provide a safe, clean and friendly atmosphere as well as providing after care services. Agape Art Collective was awarded as the Best Tattoo Artists in Costa Mesa 2016 by Expertise.

Balboa Tattoo

  2233 W Balboa Blvd suite 106, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

Balboa Tattoo is a premiere artistic shop based in Newport Beach, California providing custom tattoo and body piercing services. The shop is owned and operated by Rick who works with professional, experienced and skilled artists that are proficient in different tattooing styles. They styles include color, lettering, realism, black and grey, traditional and others. They present outstanding customer services and ensure to meet customer satisfaction by creating elegant and unique arts. They maintain a clean, safe and friendly atmosphere.

English Tattoo Company

  6000 West Coast Hwy suite E, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

English Tattoo Company is a top rated artistic shop serving Newport and the surrounding areas with custom designs. The studio is owned and operated by English who has been in the body art industry for more than 15 years. English co-works with Alex and Cormack. All these artists are highly rated and well versed in a variety of styles such as color, biomechanical, neo traditional, script, American traditional, Japanese, black and grey among others. The artists take time to discuss the ideas with clients to come up with unique designs that suit each client’s individuality.

Newport Tattoo

  2611 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

Newport Tattoo is a full-service custom tattoo studio based in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. The studio in Newport Beach specializes in quality custom designs from their experienced and highly skilled artists. They offer tattoo styles such as color, neo-tradition, fine line, illustrative, traditional and others. Each artist is unique and has their own distinctive style that allows clients to have variety of designs to choose from. They ensure the safety of the clients by providing pre-care services and aftercare services.

Red Buddha Tattoo

  3413 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

Red Buddha Tattoo is a premiere tattoo studio based in Newport Beach. The studio consists of two artists Ryback and Mike; they are certified in Blood borne pathogens training and registered with the health department. The artists are committed to their work. They provide clear and detailed artwork and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Both ensure the health and safety of their clients comes first by using sterilized and disposable materials.

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