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We have manually picked the best Tattoo Artists in the Fresno, California area by checking their online client reviews for the best star ratings, and by reading customer testimonials to verify reliability and customer satisfaction. We selected these local businesses based on their expertise and excellence to help you find the right business to meet your needs

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These companies show a proven record of customer satisfaction.

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Contra Tattoo

  1040 N Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93728, USA

Contra Tattoo is best known for its high-quality custom-made body art. The artists give specialized and individualized treatment and services for all their clients. Their creativity cannot be underestimated as they specialize in portrait and religious tattoos. The artists’ work is made easier using modern tattoos and equipment to draw the tattoos. 3D photo artistry and photorealism is also availed at the shop which they achieve by use of special and advanced equipment.

Faithful and True Tattoo Studio

  61 N Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, USA

From their website, a potential customer can choose designs availed by the crew. Their cleanliness and maintenance of health standards make the studio a reliable one. The artist has certification in bloodborne pathogen and county health certification. They specialize in custom made tattoo works of high quality in Fresno. They make use of hospital-grade disinfectants and disposable tubes and needles guaranteeing customers of protecting their health. They have additional services in tattoo concealing too.

Fresno Tattoo & Body Piercing

  418 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93701, USA

Their skills and expertise in tattoos and body piercings attract a huge number of art lovers from Fresno and beyond. What’s more, their prices are pocket-friendly with tattoos starting at $30 and piercings at $10. Their decent work is emphasized using rotary machines that lessen the pain on the customer and brings out the colors more vibrantly. The artists work hand in hand with a customer to create the desired custom design. The proficient artists are licensed and certified to provide services in tattooing and piercings.

Fresno Tattoo Studio

  1459 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721, USA

The artists are praised for the neat and creative pieces of art they design on customers. The artists are trained satisfactorily and can work on celebrities and high-profile individuals. For anyone who intends to express themselves through piercings and tattoos, then Fresno Tattoo Studio is the place to drop by. They also engage in selling supplies for other tattoo shops already existing or new in the industry. Such supplies include needles, ink, stencils, bottles, and everything related to the art.

High-Class Tattoo & Body Piercing

  6503 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93710, USA

High-Class Tattoo and Body Piercing is a state-of-the-art facility that makes use of modern technology and machines to conduct their business. They have no limitation as to what they can do to a client’s body, they are an experimental lot that is ready for any challenges. All the artwork is under sterile and safe conditions to protect both the artist and the customer. They are specialized in portrait and religious tattoos and trendy piercings too.

Liquid Fetish

  44 W Herndon Ave #103, Fresno, CA 93650, USA

Patrons who visit Liquid Fetish are guaranteed of meeting artists who understand their work. The artists understand what tonal value, shadowing, symmetry and color theory means in every tattoo. They make sure to use high-quality ink and products to bring out the beauty and realism of a piece done. Liquid Fetish has a studio in which permanent cosmetic work is done in a first-class environment. The studio’s topmost priority is customer service and satisfaction.

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