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8 Ways to Make the Online Payment Process Easier for Customers


One of the most popular ways to shop today is online.  It eliminates the hassle of going into a store, and it also saves a lot of time.  Even better, online stores are always open.  Since online shopping is so popular, stores with an web presence need to prioritize the design of their sites.  After all, if their website is difficult to use, a customer might get frustrated and visit another store online.  In particular, it is extremely important that you make the payment process easy for the customers.  This allows you to finalize the sale and reap the rewards of your online efforts.  The following 8 ideas are suggestions to help you enhance your payment process

1 – Accept Multiple Payment Options

First, try to accept as many payment options as possible.  This is usually a given for most online sites.  However, some companies avoid accepting certain credit cards because they charge a higher processing fee.  While you might have to pay a higher fee to accept these cards, it is important to offer the payment option and incur the higher fee.  You can always pass on the cost to the customer if need be.  After all, if you do not accept the card, you could lose out on a sale.

2 – Do Not Require a Customer Account

Obviously it would be nice to create a customer account for every individual that purchases from your site.  However, this is a huge hassle for customers.  They probably do not need a username and password to make a purchase on your site.  In fact, some customers might feel that you are requiring too much information from them.  For this reason, they might decide not to purchase from you.

3 – Keep Customers on Your Site

When customers are making a payment, you should try your best to keep them on your site.  This keeps everything consistent.  When you redirect customers to a third party site to pay, customers often get confused and worry that they are not paying for the merchandise they are purchasing.  It is better to keep them on your site, where you can control how the checkout page looks.  This allows you to best communicate the final message your customer will receive.

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4 – Errors Should Be Easy to Fix

It is common for people to make errors when they are filling out the information on a checkout page of a website.  However, fixing these errors should not take forever.  Instead, it should be simple to fill in missing information or change typing mistakes.  Then, the customer should be able to resubmit quickly.  Generally, the best way to do this is to keep all of the data that has been filled out.  Then highlight the areas that need correcting.  You can also explain the reason for the mistake.

5 – Don’t Ask for Information You Don’t Need

Furthermore, when you are designing a checkout page, make sure that you include only the information that is pertinent to the sale.  Too often companies ask people for information that is unnecessary.  This is a quick way to kill a sale.  For example, if someone is trying to order a gift at work, the last thing they want to do is fill out a long survey.  Instead, they want to be able to complete their transaction quickly and effectively.

6 – Reassure the Costumer About Safety and Privacy

Since identity theft is always a risk when you give out personal information over the Internet, you need to reassure customers that you will keep their information safe and private.  It is important that customers understand that security matters to you.  Although you do not have to go in depth about this, you can make it part of your design. 

7 – Avoid Distractions

When a customer is trying to checkout online, the last thing you want is for them to be distracted.  Therefore, try to remove any banners or advertisements that will compete for their attention.  You want people to proceed to the final payment process as quickly as possible without getting sidetracked. 

8 – Call to Action

Finally, when people click on products that they want to purchase make sure they have a call to action for the next steps.  For example, they can continue shopping or proceed to checkout.  Either way, this helps them along.  Otherwise, the item might sit in their shopping bag and they may not know what to do.

Hopefully, you can consider a few of these 8 suggestions when you are planning your ecommerce web design.  The better your checkout process is, the more sales you will make. 

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