Legal Consequences for Multiple DUI Convictions


The consequences for driving while under the influence (DUI) in Virginia are significant. The penalties may vary from one circumstance to another. For example, if you are over 21, then the legal BAC (blood alcohol limit) is .08 percent. However, if you are under 21, then the limit tops off at .02 percent. Another example of the circumstances which can influence the severity of your consequences has to do with the number of times you have received this conviction. The consequences will be much more severe if this has happened several times before. This may also be true if other people were harmed because of your actions.

If you are currently facing charges for driving while under the influence of alcohol, then you’ll want to contact a lawyer to help you face the charges and minimize the consequences. In order to truly understand the importance of hiring a DUI lawyer, you need to fully realize the severity of the consequences which may await you when you face a judge.

Loss of Driving Privileges

Your first DUI conviction in Virginia usually carries with it a license suspension of one year. If you have had multiple convictions, then the length of this suspension can be much longer. The loss of your driving privileges can make it difficult for you to get to work, transport the kids to school, complete daily errands, or enjoy the freedom of going where you want when you want. You may find yourself getting to work late or even unable to complete your assignments if traveling is part of your job responsibilities.

Financial Consequences

The fines are usually at least $500 dollars for a DUI conviction in Virginia, but fines aren’t the only way that you’ll be affected financially. (Repeat convictions will become more expensive.) Facing DUI charges and earning a conviction can have an expensive effect on your insurance rates. Many insurance companies will drop clients with a DUI charge and those insurance companies which are willing to keep you on will almost definitely raise your premium rates.

With these added expenses, you may also find that you are having a harder time even earning the money which you are accustomed to bringing home each month. Getting to and from work without a driver’s license can be inconvenient and expensive. If driving is part of your job, and your driving privileges have been suspended, then you won’t be able to complete your responsibilities.

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Employment Opportunities

The DUI conviction in most states will remain on your record. This means that when a potential employer runs a background check on you, they will have access to your driving record. You may get passed over for job promotions and for new employment positions because the DUI conviction is on your record. In some cases, current employers will let you go when they find out about your conviction.

The Consequences for Multiple Convictions

Earning multiple DUI convictions will carry increasingly strict consequences. These include:

  • Heftier fines: Over $1000 in fines
  • Increased length of time during which your driving privileges are revoked
  • Indefinite loss of driving privileges
  • Use of ignition interlock device
  • Confiscation of your vehicle
  • Jail time: 90 days to over six months
  • Long-term effects on medical and auto insurance

Social Consequences

If drunk driving is part of a pattern of drinking, then your relationships at home, in public, and at work might all be affected. However, even a one-time event, just one DUI conviction, can lead to serious social and emotional consequences. This might start at work when your employer’s opinion of your changes or it may start at home when your spouse is angry about your increasing financial difficulties. If you are currently single and rely on your car to meet up with others, then your opportunities to meet other people may be severely limited.

The long-term costs of a conviction can leave you lonely, struggling financially, and feeling as if you can never escape from one bad decision.

Hire a DUI Lawyer

If you are currently facing charges of driving drunk, and you are concerned about the seriousness of your consequences, then you need the help of an experienced DUI lawyer. The laws regarding DUIs are complex and the court may already be predisposed to think the worst. Without the support and representation of an experienced DUI lawyer, you may be facing a battle which you cannot win.

As qualified professionals, we can give you the representation you need. Contact our office for a consultation with a qualified legal representative.

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