Choose a Traffic Lawyer to Address Your Traffic Violations


When facing traffic infractions and all of their consequences, many people will ask “Do I really need to hire a traffic lawyer?”  The clear answer to this question is a resounding, “Yes!”  From a speeding ticket to a charge of driving under the influence repeatedly, you face serious consequences in the state of Virginia. Why put yourself and your future at risk when you have help available?

Don’t Face Traffic Violation Consequences Alone

Whether you were truly speeding or you simply got caught in a speed trap on a bad day, you should not decide to face this situation on your own. The traffic laws in Virginia have become stricter over the years and carry heavier consequences with them. This means that even a minor violation can have long-term effects which you will feel the consequences of for a long, long time. Additionally, many police officers and traffic court officials won’t consider speeding to be a minor infraction of the law. This means that you shouldn’t take speeding tickets lightly either.

How Can Hiring a Lawyer Help?

Hiring a lawyer to defend you in traffic court offers you the following benefits:

1. A Lawyer Can Appear in Court on Your Behalf

While the other aspects of facing a traffic violation may be longer lasting, the act of going in to traffic court can be both intimidating and frustrating. It is one of the first consequences which you will confront and might be one of the hardest for you to negotiate. If the lawyer appears in court for you, then you may not have to ask for time off from work (try explaining this to your boss) and you won’t have to endure the embarrassment of facing everyone in the courtroom who may have already formed unkind opinions about you. If you are can avoid going to court because the lawyer is able to do it for you, then you can prepare to face the next consequences.

2. The Lawyer Will Educate You about the Consequences You Are Facing

Many people have the idea that earning a speeding ticket is a minor offense and a situation that you don’t really need to worry about. However, the consequences of this situation in Virginia can be more serious than you realize. You might face:

  • Significant fees for court and processing charges
  • Expensive fines
  • Points added to your insurance record
  • Insurance premiums increase about 20%, sometimes as much as 50%

The charges for speeding and other traffic violations are often more severe than you first thought that they would be; to face this situation without any surprises, you’ll want the information which an experienced lawyer can provide.

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3. Your Lawyer Can Help You Minimize the Impact of the Consequences

When a lawyer represents you during traffic court, he or she can present the circumstances of the situation and can cast you in a favorable light. By explaining your side of the situation, an experienced lawyer can help the court to view you as a person who has made a mistake, but who is anxious to repair that mistake. This in turn could lead to benefits such as:

  • Having the ticket entirely dismissed
  • Not having a ticket appear on your driving record
  • Keep your insurance premiums down by keeping points to a minimum
  • Reducing the severity of charges
  • Staying out of jail after repeat offenses

4. Your Lawyer Can Help You Manage the Consequences of Serious Charges

While the consequences for speeding and reckless driving can have a heavy impact, the consequences for DWI, DUI, and DUID can be very severe. These consequences can be frightening, such as the loss of your driving privileges and jail time.

If you have faced these charges multiple times, then the consequences imposed in Virginia can be even more difficult to accept.

These charges will end up on your record, so that your current and potential employers can see them. This may cost you your current career, and may also end up depriving you of future job opportunities.

DUI and related charges often carry mandatory sentences which make them much harder to avoid. The assistance of a lawyer may be the only route which will allow you to keep driving to work. It may the most important step toward retaining your job and your current lifestyle. A lawyer may be the person standing between you and a jail cell.

Hire a Lawyer

You don’t have to face traffic court alone. Contact us today to find out how we can help. The professionals in our office can help you to face the consequences of traffic violations and make it easier for you to continue on with your life.

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Lawyer - Weiland Upton

At the Richmond, Virginia, criminal and serious traffic charges defense law firm of Weiland Upton, our attorney team has years of experience representing persons charged with DUI and other serious traffic offenses.

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